Fan fiction

Dark Souls: Tragic Romance Under the Darkmoonlight (part 1)

Characters: Smough/Mildred, Lady of the Darkling, Rainbow Dash (part 2)
Content warning: Heterosexuality, cannibalism, mpreg (part 2)

It was a dark and cloudy night in Anor Londo. Lighting was in the air however there hasn't been a storm in Lordran since the gods left the city.

Smough was alone and lonely in the big room, waiting with his hammer.

Suddenly Mildred invaded Anor Londo and tried to kill Smough but smough killed her first. That is when Mildred fell in love because how strong Smough is.

Mildred came back as a hollow and wanted to meet Smough again but she was ambushed by the lady of the darkling at the bonfire.

Smough heared the commotion and came very fast to see what is happening. But it was too late and mildred had already killed her with a backstab of her butcher knife.

Mildred told the truth to Smough and Smough said he needed time because he isn't used to love.

Mildred cooked the lady of the darkling and they ate her with Smough.

T  O     B  E     C  O  N  T  I  N  U  E  D

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Wooden Rollercoaster 3 is Really Good Value (Part 4)

Characters: Guest 3785 (See: Part 1, Part 2, Part Gaiden, Part 3)
Content warning: Rollercoasters, wood (not sexual)

Guest 3785 was walking around Youpiland and joined the queue for Wooden Rollercoaster 3.

Guest 3785 had a preferred intensity between 5 and 9 and Wooden Rollercoaster 3 had an intensity rating of 8 and an excitement rating of 7.

Guest 3785 thought "Wooden Rollercoaster 3 is Really Good Value" and joined the queue for Wooden Rollercoaster 3.

After waiting for a while, Guest 3785 rode Wooden Rollercoaster 3 and she bought a ride photo.

T  O     B  E     C  O  N  T  I  N  U  E  D

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