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What's New!

Hello everyone! I appreciate your continued support of my outsider net.art!!! This month, I have decided to upload some aural shit-posting on my MIDI & MP3 page!
Click here to give it a listen!!

Following Neocities' efforts to improve everyone's privacy, I have made my website HTTPS compatible! Please use a compatible HTTPS web browser to enjoy my website without government interference.

I have created a new homepage about genderdruids, my gender identity: click here!

I have updated the links a little!

I have added a more recent picture of me! The previous one was a bit old, however, I have left it online, because it is still reasonably accurate!!

I have added a section about one of my favorite games, International Mystic Soccer Night! Well, it's more of a link to my other website entirely about that game really, I guess (click here to visit that site directly)

Belated happy Bastille day! I have finally updated my web site for the first time in two years!! There are so many new things.... Just check it out!!
While I have not reached 10.000 hits yet, I have still added a new Thank You image, with a subtle rainbow gradient as a sign of support to the recent American laws about marriage equality.
I have also updated my internet handle... the previous one was old and no longer my style ;)

Wow!! My homepage received 4000 visits overnight!! I have posted part 4 of my Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 fanfic: "Wooden Rollercoaster 3 is Really Good Value (Part 4)" click here

Thank you for the 2000 visits!! I have updated the Thank you image.

New entry in my web log of watched animé!

New links!!!

I have added links to more of my friends! I am truly blessed to have so many friends who know Dreamweaver!

I have added a section about my third favorite game Rollercoaster Tycoon 2! I made a button if you want to link to me or exchange links:

I have really improved the layout with tables! You can learn about tables on w3schools: click here. I also published an essay about animé taxonomy! And I added a section about me. And I posted my Dark Souls fan fiction (click here)!

I have added a lot of links! I also mentioned my second favorite Animé.

I have created my homepage on Neocities! I talk about Animé and videogames! There are also a few links.


Favorite animé
My favorite animé is Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Utena is my male role model and my waifu (cartoon character crush)

Pictured: Tenjou Utena

My favorite aspects of Shoujo Kakumei Utena:
The religious experience
The duel songs
Watching an animé that is high-culture and respectable as art
Movie version Anthy is extremely hot
Being part of an exclusive, forbidden ritual
The subtle subtext arguing for greater freedom regading sexuality and gender roles & presentation

I ship Shoujo Kakumei Utena characters as follows:

It will make more sense once I post my fics:
click here.

I also have a figure of Tenjou Utena! Here is a picture:

You can buy Shoujo Kakumei Utena subbed (say no to dubs) on VHS or find the remastered version on DVD.

My second favorite animé is Duck Tales.

Web Log of recently watched animé (reverse chronological order)

Note: This list is slightly incomplete. RSS and ATOM feeds coming soon.

Ayakashi episode 10
Space Dandy episode 5
Macross 7 episode 28
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu episode 14
Boukyaku no Senritsu episode 12
Sakura Trick episode 5
Robot Carnival Part 4
Dog Days episode 2
Gatchaman Crowds episode 9
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken - Stardust Crusaders episode 8
Tobira o Akete
Kyousougiga episode 2
Kakumeiki Valvrave episode 2
Tatakae!! Iczer-1 Act 1
Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13

Towards a taxonomy of animé
I would say you could roughly categorize animé in two distinct categories:
Those primarily about girls
Those primarily not about girls

How to acquire Animé?
For starters: SUPPORT LOCAL ANIMÉ RELEASES!!! The purpose of FanSubs is to promote animé, so they may be legally available one day!

If a local licensor fails to release subs, and only offers dubbed VHS, you need to educate them, but the answer is not boycott, the answer is better technology, that supports both dubs (ew....) and subs: the DVD.

If you do not have a DVD player, GET ONE. Then tell your local animé distributor that you have a DVD player and will support DVD animé releases. Pressing a DVD is expensive, so you need to prove to your domestic licensors that there is an eager market.

And once an animé is released in your country... DELETE THE FANSUBS AND SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!!

Now that we've got the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way (does anyone even read this stuff?)... If you're local (Toulon/Cannes/Nice/Sophia Antipolis area), I can burn CD/DVDs of FanSubbed MKVs for you (no VHS - it's time we all moved on to digital). You will be expected to pay for the blank media: cash or high quality brand-name blank media are accepted. However, you are not expected to tip, as I provide FanSubbed animé as a service to the local community. Tip by paying it forward to animé fans in your city instead: digital files do not deteriorate, so if you have a CD/DVD writer, you can duplicate the FanSubs wihout any loss of quality.

It is a bit difficult to keep a website up to date, so just e-mail me for a list of available animé

And if you are not local? Well, you might want to look through my links for a local animé fan. But if you have ISDN/Cable/DSL, you might also want to search "BitTorrent" on Duck Duck Go - who knows what you might discover ;^)


Videogames I play
Some of the videogames I enjoy playing are Dark Souls, Bangai-O Spirits, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, International Mystic Soccer Night, and Final Fantasy XIV.

Dark Souls
This is my favorite character in Dark Souls:

I like Dark Souls because the way you move feels right yet heavy, and because the story is told through item descriptions instead of an in-game encyclopedia (it was a radical innovation back in 2011!)

I ship Dark Souls characters as follows:
Chosen undead__________Priscilla

I wrote a romantic Dark Souls fanfic entitled "Tragic Romance Under the Darkmoonlight (part 1)":
click here.

My opinions about Dark Souls 2
I hope it will be good!!!

UPDATED (2015): It was not that good.

My opinions about Dark Souls 3
I hope it will be better than Dark Souls 2!!!

Bangai-o Spirits
I will update this section with RealAudio recordings of my custom stages soon!!

I ship Bangai-o Spirits characters as follows:

Rollercoater Tycoon 2
I really like Rollercoaster Tycoon 2! It was created in 12 years in ASM by Chris Sawyer never leaving his basement except for flying to theme parks around the globe! As a games developer I can really relate.

This is my favorite Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 park:

It is called "Youpiland" and both the entrance and rides are free. However there are many empty places in the park where you can't go because you can only have 255 rides in a park.

While my opinion on homosexuality is that homosexuality is cool I do not ship RCT2 characters because they're all depicted as the exact same boy with different shirt colors (unless you have enough t-shirt stalls or use a trainer to make all the shirts the same color). However if you enable real names you will see that many of them identify as women (which was very progressive for a 1999 game).

I wrote a non-sexual Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 fanfic entitled "Wooden Rollercoaster 3 is Really Good Value (Part 4)": click here.

International Mystic Soccer Night
While this game is not widely known, it is very dear to my soul. I have made a separate website about it, so instead of copy-pasting everything, I encourage you to check out my other site, International Mystic Soccer Night Dominion: click here!

Final Fantasy XIV
I have played Final Fantasy XIV a lot, as an alternative to clinical depression in 2015!

The core mechanic of the game is pressing a button every 2.5 seconds, out of a palette of hotbars containing approximately 60 buttons. It might sound a bit intimidating, but it is in fact very easy, because you always use the exact same sequence of buttons, unmodified, in every situation (it is called a rotation), sometimes interrputing it to go somewhere else (a practice called mechanics in MMO jargon).

This is my Final Fantasy XIV character (on the left):

Her name is Lunaire Garanjy, on the server named Ultros! Say hi if you run into me!

As the Heroine of Light, I have perpetrated, amongst others, the following deeds:

Became the chosen one
Discovered the Ascian menace
Killed Ifrit
Joined a secret society named the Scions (Spoiler - highlight to read)
Crafted 30 shirts
Killed Titan
Killed Garuda
Assaulted five local animals at the request of a child
Killed soldiers
Killed a mecha
Built a house
Killed Ifrit (Hard)
Assaulted five local animals at the request of an adult
Attended a marriage
Killed Ifrit (Extreme)
Fed a fat cat
Built an airship
Rode a pony
Assaulted five local animals at the request of a Moggle
Slew dragons
Adopted a puppy (images soon)
And more...!

Image Gallery

Buying videogames
You can buy Dark Souls from the Steam on-line service and from your local distributor.
You can acquire Bangai-o Spirits from La mejor página de ROMS de videojuegos: click here
You can buy Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 on CD-ROM.
Final Fantasy XIV is only available on-line.

Videos of videogames
I like to record videos of videogames! If you want to watch my favorite videogame video click here.

Note: Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XIV, Steam, and YouTube require ISDN/Cable/DSL.


It really feels inaccurate and ufair to try to discern my music taste before having listened to all of it.
So while I have my reservations about the lasting value of an endeavor entirely reliant on serendipitously living my life to the best of my abilities, as opposed to a methodical examination of the entire canon of international music, after having listened to at least 10.000 hours of music, which is said to be required to reach mastery in any field, I feel reasonaly satisfied in naming the following artists, as part of a provisional and incomplete list of favorites:

Johann Sebastian Bach
Thomas Bangalter
David Bowie
J.A Caesar
Miles Davis
Electric Light Orchestra
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Herbie Hancock
Shinji Hosoe
Susumu Hirasawa
Yuki Kajiura
Yuzo Koshiro
Giorgio Moroder
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Motoi Sakuraba
Michiru Yamane
Yellow Magic Orchestra

I like to write music of all sorts.
As of August 2017, I am focusing on the "Aural shit-posting" genre!!
You can listen to a new song every single day on my MIDI, MP3 and RealPlayer music page: click here.

I really love dogs. However, for personal reasons, since my first dog (a female Bichon Frisé named Nounours who liked sleeping, barking, and taking it easy) passed away, I have been unable to adopt another dog. I would really like to adopt a Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the future, from a shelter or an ethical breeder, but unfortunately, personal circumstances make it difficult for me to make another 9~18 years commitment at this time. Please check back later!

Giving back to the Neocities community

HTML Tutorials
For starters, this site is "OpenSource": feel free to use any HTML snippet you find useful! I do not believe in gatekeeping access to knowledge, you will NEVER see javascripts preventing right clicking on my websites. That's a promise.

For those who learn better by reading documentation more than by reading source code, I also wrote a HTML tutorial:
click here.

Neocities is also writing an HTML tutorial, but it's currently Under Contruction. More information in the next section!!

Kick Starter
Neoities is doing a "Kick Starter" fundraising! All the money will be used to create HTML tutorials about new technologies like DIVs and CSS. I must admit that I stay away from the bleeding edge before browser support catches up, but I also know how hard a good layout can be if you don't have Fireworks and Dreamweaver to write the table code, so I support any initiative that makes it easier for people like you and me to make web sites, if only as a matter of principle!

To contribute to the Kick Starter, click here.

If you donated (or "Backed", in Kick Starter jargon), you can display the following non-official 88x31 on your homepage. Please let me know if you made your own 88x31, or if there is an official 88x31!

Since I "Backed", I can proudly display the following button:

About me

Hello! I'm a cool teen from France.


I do not like to boast, but I have been described multiple times as kawaii.

Old enough.... if you fellow 21+ Adults catch my drift ;-)

I identify as Genderdruid.
The international genderdruid symbol

The international genderdruid flag

To learn more,
click here.

Personal Brand
My personal brand guidelines recommend the inclusion of some (but not necessarily all) of the following elements:
The color Pink #fcaebb (Pantone Pastels Neons Coated Red 0331 C) (Websafe alternative: #ff99cc)
Dog face Emoji: 🐶
Patterned (a.k.a Ordered) Color Dither
Yamaha YM2612
No particular typeface is associated with my personal brand at this time, but I am not opposed to having one in the future. Note that it must support French accents. The font ITC Avant Garde Gothic is now associated to my personal brand, and should only be used "with great sincerity". Here is an example of my logotype:

Videogames (Playing)
Videogames (Discussing)
Videogames (Programming)
Film (Japanimation)
Literature (Manga)
Music (Listening)
Music (Producing)
Religion (Satanism (Theistic))
Web design

You should follow me on twitter here: click here!

Fan Fiction
I have moved it to another page because it is very long! Click here

Previous background music
This is still the first song! I have not changed it yet!

Previous thank you images

If you want to link to me you can use this button:
The URL address is: https://youpi.neocities.org/88x31.gif

My other websites
I have a Twitter page!

My Tumbler web log, where I livejournal about life and aesthetics!

My steam group - my videogames group on Steam!!

International Mystic Soccer Night Dominion

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Animé & Manga
Anipike's japanimation links

Doctor wu tang's directory of Animé!

Helicoprion shrine - information, advocacy

ANIME GIRLS EATING BURGERS. Whether you are interested in the subject matter out of a lifelong paraphilic interest in ANIME GIRLS EATING BURGERS, are dabbling into it as an aesthetic thing entirely divorced from its erotic implications, or are just trying to understand whether the ANIME GIRLS EATING BURGERS fetish is right for you, the ANIME GIRLS EATING BURGERS web log provides frequent updates without ever judging your sexuality.

Jojo's neocities page

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Animé girls gallery

Pocky is my favorite OEL manga

GIA - videogame news

Ulillillia city software independent games!

Tales of Game's independent games!

Tiny chao garden - Data about fruit

Videogames.com - videogames

Dragon quest interactive adventure!

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The page of Old Dos Games...

La mejor página de ROMS de videojuegos: Best page for videogame ROMs. Remember to delete them after 24 hours - that's the law.

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Half-life 3 ARG Game!

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Shrine to Alton Ellis with pictures!

Internet club music band

Gallery (art)

Gatsby (great american novel)

aaa (net.art)

Fan fiction
Robert Urich hamburger fanfic

Roy Orbison in Clingfilm

German shepherds


Linux operating system

Linux tips

Richard Stallman

Cheerilee's Linux page!!

Filtercake's Markdown programming tutorial

Eric's Sex Tips page!


Hacker News

Fravia's page about cracking and searching!

CD Hacking

Hacking philosophy

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HTML programming & Design
Leon's HTML programming page

Nrkn's home page + home page designing!

Vad Design

Satanic songs

Satanic games

Very scary page about aliens

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Arecibo alien message

Cannabis (drugs)

Warhammer420k's page about drugs!



Change the world


Duck duck go - a much better search engine than lycos

Social reform

Citadle of Sleep

Making money


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